In today’s ever-evolving social world — where people have the power to persuade, unite and blacklist brands and products — PR has a more important role than ever. As we’ve learned from our clients (and clients’ clients), one negative post can spread like wildfire, causing a crisis that requires immediate attention. Whether it’s responding to a natural disaster or a service outage, companies not only need to be always on, but always prepared to respond and engage in conversations with their consumers. Tech support, customer service, and sales inquiries – we’ve fielded them all — directly and via online tools and social networks. And how about competitive pressures? Fully leveraging real-time social channels, engaging in conversations across time zones and cultures, when or before peers do is very important to our global clients.

Public relations is not just about media relations, it’s about spreading the word to the audiences that matter most to you — through valuable relationships with bloggers, journalists, conferences and events, analysts and directly with businesses and consumers. It’s about understanding your business and freeing up your marketing and executive teams, so they can do their jobs, while we help define strategies to drive marketing support, customer service, brand awareness and crisis communications.

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