PenVine is seeking a Senior Writer, FinTech & B2B Technology


  • Interview subject matter experts and produce written content
  • Support ghostwritten articles, posts and speaker submissions
  • Demonstrate extensive experience writing objective and vendor-side thought leadership articles, particularly in the FinTech industry
  • Write, edit and proofread materials ensuring quality and consistency with appropriate writing styles

Basic Qualifications

The senior writer must have at least 10 years of experience as a journalist, corporate or freelance writer with a specialty and track record of success in FinTech and general technology

Preferred Qualifications

The senior writer should have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, a solid grasp of tone and writing, solid research, and editing skills. S/he should have the ability to develop relationships with our client subject matter experts and work closely with our team.

About PenVine

PenVine is a team of wordsmiths, content marketers and data-driven PR pros who transform messages into brilliant storytelling that inspires, engages and activates new audiences. We are expanding our team and looking for rockstar writers and PR Senior Account Executives. We offer a flexible work environment, from home or our beautiful midtown NYC offices at 16 E 40th street, healthcare benefits, and competitive salaries. Freelance or F/T.

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Earlier this month, our CEO, Jennifer Schenberg, was interviewed by FierceCEO about the importance of “human touch” from leadership. Schenberg cites empathy, patience and passion as key traits that a CEO should emulate in order to inspire successful teams and business. An except from the feature article:

One necessary trait is empathy, to understand customer, employee and stakeholder concerns, because business doesn’t always run on positive sentiment, said Jennifer Schenberg, CEO of PenVine: “It’s about listening and processing feedback and then addressing those concerns or needs.”

Patience is necessary “to listen to your team, customers and stakeholders and understand what they need to continue growing,” Schenberg said. “And then making the right decisions that are in their best interests, while ensuring the best interests of the company and its employees, is critical.”

Passion is needed “in every communication and interaction about the company and its lifeblood—your employees,” Schenberg said. “Passion about your team, services and products pulls through every interaction—in person and online. It differentiates brands and inspires loyalty.”

Visit FierceCEO to view the full article.



What does it take to be a good leader? A great CEO? It takes passion, patience and empathy.

FierceCEO highlights what it takes to be a good leader, featuring PenVine CEO, Jennifer Schenberg. An excerpt from FierceCEO:


With the new year here, some chief executives weighed in on what they feel are universal traits to be a good, if not great, CEO. The attributes they cited range from having deep emotional ties to the job and employees to quick thinking skills to making sure everyone understands how the company works. In total, the three guidelines they each offered make a case for a technologically astute organization that has a very human feel.

Jennifer Schenberg, CEO of communications firm PenVine:

  • Empathy to understand customer, employee and stakeholder concerns, because business does not always run on positive sentiment. It’s about listening and processing feedback and then addressing those concerns and/or needs.
  • Patience to listen to your team, customers and stakeholders and understand what they need to continue growing with or without you, and make the right decisions that are in their best interests, while ensuring the best interests of the company and its employees.
  • Passion in every communication and interaction about the company and its lifeblood: employees. Passion about your team, services and/or products pulls through every interaction.

As we usher in 2018, let’s pause for a moment to recognize this milestone year. 2018 marks 15 years for PenVine.

Over the last 15 years, PenVine transformed from a traditional public relations firm to a thought-leadership and content-driven organization. We continue to dedicate ourselves to helping global multi-billion dollar companies, startups, and high-profile individuals alike to build awareness, gain marketshare and outshine their competition. And we’ve broadened our domain expertise from our deep roots in telecom and wireless into many areas in technology, including Fintech, clean/green, IoT and IIoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, healthcare technology, wearable diagnostics, credit and payments technology, mobile and digital commerce, sales management, email marketing, mobile marketing and analytics and more.

To our friends, family and beloved clients, here’s to another 15 together! #2018 #15yearsstrong

Over the years, we’ve been approached by a range of companies — from start-ups to large, global, publicly-traded enterprises. The business goals range from branding and competitive differentiation to marketplace introductions, fundraising, organic growth and exits. But one thing remains constant – each company values public relations to help bridge the gap between their brand and their customers.

Qudos recently interviewed PenVine’s CEO, Jennifer Schenberg, on how PR can help bridge this gap. Read on:


“Whether a company has an in-house PR team or not, there are skills, relationships and domain expertise an outside PR firm may have that can complement or augment a company’s marketing efforts” — Jennifer Schenberg


Pi is described as an “irrational and transcendental number” whose decimals “continue infinitely without repetition or pattern.” So what’s not to celebrate today, it’s Pi Day!

  • Did you know that in a mirror, 3.14 looks like “pie“?
  • Maybe you’re interested in hearing from the Numberphile about Pi and the size of the universe?
  • Find your birthday hidden in Pi or read about last week’s Pi eating contest!

Happy Pi Day!

— The PenVine Team

2017 is already a year of growth for the PenVine team. From deep learning, AI and the credit industry to restaurant marketing, mobile advertising and wearable diagnostics, we’re excited to support so much innovation and growth with our clients, globally. I’m so grateful for our team.

Some amazing recent hits:


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USA Today: 4 Credit Card Trends for 2017 and What This Means to You

Becker Hospital Review: Nearly half of patients find it difficult to get up-front cost information

USA Today: Your Driving Record: Insurance Companies’ Crystal Ball

Restaurant News: Here’s How KFC Used Mobile Marketing to Achieve 12% Same Store Revenue Growth

MediaPost: 72% of Marketers Say Data Analysis More Important Than Social Media Skills

Spatial Source: GeoSLAM’s ‘Democratisation’ of Laser Scanning

Happy New Year!


PenVine is hiring media relations pros

Happy 2016! After ringing in the New Year, we’re already putting out feelers for rockstar PR Pros to support our growing roster of Consumer and Business Technology and Lifestyle clients. From social networks and mobile apps to smart car technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart buildings, marketing technology and bio-technology — PenVine has several openings for hungry PR Pros interested in joining a fast-growing team with the opportunity to impact a variety of industries, businesses and people.

We are recruiting full-time account executives-account directors and freelance media relations pros with recent placements in business/financial media, broadcast, tech blogs, and consumer and lifestyle media.

  • Media relations executives with 3-10 years of experience
  • Freelancers with the above experience
  • Midtown NYC office with flexibility to work from home
  • 401K and pension plan
  • Opportunity for accelerated growth

***If you’re a spectacular media relations pro with solid blogger and reporter relationships, please send us a note along with your CV to


It’s Spring and Team PenVine is hiring!







We’re searching for stellar media relations pros. Must have a current track record of success securing coverage on marketing/advertising, technology and social media topics with major media, technology blogs and marketing publications. Domain expertise in B2B technology, marketing and ad-tech, and social and mobile technologies strongly preferred.


10+ years of technology media relations experience, in one or more of the areas pictured above. Media references a plus.

Come join us at our NYC location and have the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home office.

Please submit resumes and letters to

— Jennifer Schenberg, PenVine

Math enthusiasts and geeks alike have been waiting a century for tomorrow. Why? Because it’s Pi Day, 3/14/15. And if you want to get crazy about it, you can celebrate at 9:26:53 a.m. since the next numbers are 9, 2, 6, 5, and 3.

PiDayAnd according to ABC News, as befitting its reputation as an elite institution of math, science and engineering, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced that it will send out its acceptance letters for this year’s incoming class on Pi Day, precisely at 9:26 a.m. Oh, and it’s Einstein’s Birthday as well.

Now, how to celebrate? According to Scientific American, we can bake pies, pun intended and because of their circular nature. Pizzas also work, having the right shape, and the right first two letters as well.

You can also hit up science museums around the country.

The National Museum of Mathematics in New York City, for example, will gather people in Madison Square Park to light up a circle around the central fountain and compare its circumference with the distance across it—accompanied by free hot chocolate and pie.

OR, check out the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, Princeton University and the National Cryptologic Museum near Washington, D.C.

Happy Pi Day!