With a shattering 47 million people quitting their jobs last year, people are rethinking everything. Many are making brave pivots, escaping burnout, or looking for an opportunity that better suits their passions. The Economist talks about the other end of the stick: employers — and how labor shortages are forcing firms to get creative. In the midst of The Great Resignation, and now, The Great Reshuffle and The Great Pivot, businesses are facing a shrinking or non-existent labor pool: Welcome to the 2022 Talent Wars.

Up to the Challenge

Like other industries, the PR labor pool is tight. Nevertheless, PenVine is hiring! Woman-owned and founded in 2003, PenVine is a boutique PR firm that specializes in technology. Our domain expertise is broad and ever-growing, ranging from digital entertainment and wireless technologies to fintech, adtech, the supply chain, and beyond. At PenVine, we believe in fostering personal development — and with the variety of clients we have and diversity of work we offer, there are many opportunities to learn and grow with our team.

Zero Turnover at PenVine

Despite the Great Covid Job Churn, PenVine remains resilient, reporting zero turnover during the Pandemic. WFH is an environment our team is well accustomed to and we have been as busy as ever these past 24 months. Join PenVine and you will have the opportunity to work with some amazing people. I’m not just talking about our team — we have genuine, down-to-earth clients that we are blessed to work with everyday. Our clients range from start-ups to multi billion dollar, publicly-traded, global companies.

PenVine vs. The Others

PenVine is different from other PR firms. At PenVine, we are equals. Some of us are generalists, with extensive skill sets across corporate, consumer and B2B PR, brand strategy, marketing and social media, and some of us are specialists in writing or media relations.

What We Are Looking For

PenVine is looking for hands-on PR account executives and account managers/directors/VPs who want to learn and grow, are comfortable with WFH, and have solid skills as either a PR generalist or media relations specialist. We also welcome applicants from other industries who are serious about making a pivot to public relations, as skills may be transferable. We welcome all gender identities and sexual orientations to the positions. PenVine is an employer that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Please send resume and correspondence to jobs@penvine.com. Bonus if you are able to identify the two movie references above.

About Us

Innovation. At PenVine, the word means more than transformational public relations – it’s about improving the way consumers and businesses experience the world. It’s innovation that translates messages into breathtaking content and superior results. It’s innovation that enlightens, wows, makes communications richer yet simpler, more lively yet more authentic. PenVine – Spread the Word.

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