Earlier this month, our CEO, Jennifer Schenberg, was interviewed by FierceCEO about the importance of “human touch” from leadership. Schenberg cites empathy, patience and passion as key traits that a CEO should emulate in order to inspire successful teams and business. An except from the feature article:

One necessary trait is empathy, to understand customer, employee and stakeholder concerns, because business doesn’t always run on positive sentiment, said Jennifer Schenberg, CEO of PenVine: “It’s about listening and processing feedback and then addressing those concerns or needs.”

Patience is necessary “to listen to your team, customers and stakeholders and understand what they need to continue growing,” Schenberg said. “And then making the right decisions that are in their best interests, while ensuring the best interests of the company and its employees, is critical.”

Passion is needed “in every communication and interaction about the company and its lifeblood—your employees,” Schenberg said. “Passion about your team, services and products pulls through every interaction—in person and online. It differentiates brands and inspires loyalty.”

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