PenVine has the smartest, most responsive and attentive PR experts I've ever worked with

"I've hired PenVine twice. First to build visibility in new markets for Camiant, and now to develop momentum for Movik Networks. We just got recognized as "Next Big Thing" by The Wall Street Journal, and I couldn't have done it without PenVine!" -- Jacey Godfrey Whittemore, Director of Corporate Marketing, Movik Networks

Establishing a brand, executive or leading mind as a thought leader is a critical part of influencing audiences. Inspiring businesses, consumers, employees, stakeholders, investors and the community takes effort. Once a creative idea takes root, it can shape how people think, define the market you play in, and change how audiences see you, your business and experience services.

PenVine is an ideation company — with wordsmiths to help you tell stories that sway thinking and perceptions, embrace strategies and lifestyles. Through consistent thought leadership positioning, utilizing bylined articles, opinion pieces, executive Q&As and the like, PenVine creates your story and enables you to tell it best — at the right place and the right time.

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