From enterprise globalization, marketing, technology, operations, and news to localization, socialization and enterprise technology and marketing to small business marketing and social media management and small business app development to product development outsourcing, multimedia news and tablet and device innovation to the latest in video, mobile, sound and all things clean and green – PenVine has a range of domain expertise across technology, communications, marketing & advertising, media, green & energy and retail. Below are just a few of our past and present clients:

Product Development: Outsourced and in-sourced product innovation for enterprises, consumers and manufacturers, including phone and tablet design, software creation, Software as a Service (SaaS) development and user interface design.

Multimedia: Rich media video and audio services, technology optimization and network-based solutions that deliver TV Everywhere, Video on Demand (VoD), integrated voice and social communications, online and mobile messaging, branded playlists, digital and mobile ads and multimedia content experiences to mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes and cards.

Telecommunications: From triple, quadruple and quintuple-play – delivering fiber, cable, WiFi, routers, voice, video, wireless, data, Voice over Internet (VoIP) – to social and video apps, mobile video optimization, mobile messaging, text voting, auto-ID, barcode and QR technology.

Marketing & Advertising: From ad agencies and marketers to ad networks & marketplaces, and analytics — our clients bring location-based marketing and advertising, SoLoMo (social local mobile), heat map analysis, rich media content, lead generation and scoring, and breathtaking ad creative to the mainstream.

Fraud Protection & Security: From Homeland Security to digital security, our clients protect businesses and consumers against email spam, spoofing, pharming, and phishing; marketers against being blacklisted; businesses against enterprise data attacks.

Media: Our clients provide top information or news – from news about the latest blockbuster hits, movie rankings, and the hottest celebs, to tips and tricks about healthy, delicious eating, insights about digital and mobile  commerce and the benefits of nearshoring services.

Clean, Green & Energy: Clean/green consulting, REED certified building, sustainability, smart meters, electric car chargers and stations, green electronic components, green building, carbon footprint analysis.

Retail: From in-store queue management, impulse point-of-sale kiosks and supply chain management, to  e-commerce, beverage marketing, restaurant and people rating, enterprise apps, metal barriers, and consumer goods packaging.

Social: From enterprise social media management, social gaming and check-ins to Twitter listening, music sharing, video calling and social networking.

Customer Care, Insights & Billing: From mobile payments and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to opt-in customer alerts & research, and messaging transactions and billing.