How do you communicate? Now, how do you want to communicate? We all want personal attention – its what makes us feel special. And years ago, the first time we heard AOL’s beloved “You’ve Got Mail,” we smiled. We wanted to get personal emails.

Today we have so many emails, it’s overwhelming, yet we boast about them: “I got 50 emails this morning.” “Yeah? Well I still have 500 to get through!”

But 500 emails isn’t enough. We love our texts, Skype and Facebook messages. We’ve all pushed the envelope, demanding always-on networks to convey a story about our moods, what we had for lunch or where we’ll be this evening.

I recently saw this on Facebook and had to share, because it’s so true.

Snail Mail is Special.

Everything in life comes full-circle, again and again. And in this case, while email brings a smile, the rare but beloved snail mail might get a “YIPPIE!” So next time you think about making your audience feel special – think about what would brighten their day vs. add to their pile of daily chores. It’ll help build your relationship, leave a lasting impression and hopefully – be a conversation starter.


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